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Allot NetEnforcer Bandwidth Management Devices  
Optimize WAN/Broadband Service Performance and Profitability

Allot NetEnforcer bandwidth management devices provide the granular visibility and policy enforcement that network operators need to optimize the delivery, performance and profitability of WAN and broadband services.
NetEnforcer devices are deployed in hundreds of installations the world over, where they allow network operators to monitor, identify, classify, prioritize, and shape, network traffic per application and per user. Providing real-time monitoring, QoS policy enforcement and traffic steering, these flexible devices helps operators control bandwidth utilization and costs while enhancing service quality for all network users.

With throughput ranging from 2Mbps to 6Gbps, Allot NetEnforcer devices are designed to suit the requirements of a wide range of IP-based networks.
    Gain full visibility of application, subscriber, and network topology traffic
    Control costs by managing bandwidth congestion and fair-use
    Enhance the user experience, including over-the-top services
    Increase ARPU through service tiering and quota management policies
    Protect your business with real-time reporting and troubleshooting
Allot NetEnforcer Series  
allot_ac1400 allot_ac3000 allot_ac5000
Allot NetEnforcer AC-400  
Available in two models: NetEnforcer AC-402 and AC-404 devices are especially suitable for monitoring and managing all types of network traffic on Ethernet links of up to 200 Mbps.
Main Features  
    2 or 4 Ethernet ports
    Throughput ranging from 2 to 100Mbps full duplex
    Real-time monitoring and QoS policy enforcement for up to 192,000 concurrent IP flows
    Extensive signature library and behavior-based recognition capabilities
    Identifies hundreds of applications and protocols out-of-the-box
    Automated, web-based update of protocol/signature library
    Flexible QoS policies for traffic prioritization/shaping
    Policy-based connection control for protection against DoS/DDoS attacks
    Proactive alarms
    Fail-safe performance with internal bypass
    Centralized Allot NetXplorer  management and policy provisioning
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