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Automatic Lubrication System
Cost effective and safe maintenance of your Dynamic Rotary-UPS using Automatic Lubrication
Plug&Run parallel working
Dynamic Rotary-UPS - The unique solution for N+1 redundant applications following Tier classifications.
NGBPS LIMITED along with KS Techniques S.A., Belgium introduced the Rotobloc Dynamic Rotary UPS systems in India."Ideally suited for very large Data Centers with power requirements exceeding1 MVA and other Industrial / Manufacturing applications".
Dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supply Rotabloc® KPS
The optimum solution to all your problems of power reliability and quality.
The UPS Rotabloc® KPS is based on an efficient and a simple technical principle. Kinetic energy is stored in a flywheel (Accumulator). When a mains failure occurs, the UPS Rotabloc® KPS protects the load and maintains the power supply at the precise voltage and frequency with an autonomy of minimum 12 seconds.
About This
Total power failure
Stand alone : 12 seconds minimum
Associated with diesel power generator: unlimited
Slow voltage fluctuations
Overvoltage and voltages drop-outs
Harmonic and inter-harmonics voltage distortion
Harmonic currents
Rapid voltage variations (Flicker effect)
Advantages of the product
High reliability
High efficiency
No power electronics
Excellent voltage regulation
High short-circuit power with limited impact on the mains
Power factor close to 1
Easy connection in parallel with full redundancy and flexibility
Easy interfacing
No aggressive starting regime on the diesel engine
Easy and limited maintenance
Green philosophy
90 % of diesel generator starts can be avoided
No batteries
No air conditioning required
Dynamic Autonomy Control : The speed is automatically adapted to the load, ensuring the    minimum required autonomy with minimal losses.
Range from 400 kVA to 1600 kVA

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