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Electrical & Mechanical Consulting  

NGBPS focuses on improving the productivity and reliability of electronic equipment in the data center environment through consulting services. NGBPS offers expertise for all aspects of the data center including cooling and air-flow evaluations, power quality, grounding, high frequency and radiated frequency interference and EMF analysis. NGBPS also offers the electrical system design services from the substation to the rack level.

Our Consultants have 25 years of extensive experience in investigation and diagnosis of complex electrical environment problems. In addition, they have been providing air-flow and cooling consulting for high density data centers around the world. They use a careful, pragmatic approach to investigate, gather data, analyze and resolve the most complex power quality, contamination and cooling problems.

Our consulting and auditing services include:

Electrical Infrastructure design
EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)
electric RFI (Radiated Frequency Interference
electric HFI (High Frequency Interference)
electric Grounding Studies and Enhancements
electric Ground Resistance Testing
electric Signal Reference Grounding
electric Power Quality Monitoring
electric Load Balance Measurements
electric Energy Studies
electric Air-Conditioning and Air-Flow Analysis
electric Cooling System Evaluation

At NGBPS, we will do whatever it takes to make our clients totally – 100% - satisfied with our service.

It’s not just a promise, it’s our guarantee!

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