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NGBPS is the exclusive partner of Data Aire Inc, which is the leading provider of Precision Air-conditioning in the world. Data Aire worked closely with IBM engineers to design the first down flow unit to discharge under the computer room floor, thus innovating the best suited Precision Air-conditioning system for Computer rooms.
Unity cooling is an efficient, economical and scalable system to achieve hot aisle containment for a single rack or an entire room. Ideal for rack(s) with 5kW to 30 kW heat loads. This active fan system senses the pressure inside the rack and modulates the fans to only evacuate the air moved by the server fans, eliminating infiltration and exfiltration. Two fans operate in tandem, providing N+1 capability.
High Heat Density Solutions  
Unity Cooling Systems - 5 to 30 kW

With higher density equipment now being deployed, good air management is essetional for efficient data center operation. One of the basics of air management is separation of hot and cold air in the data center. Data Aire Unity Cooling Systems captures the hot air from the servers in the Data Center so that all air delivered to the space is available to meet the cooling needs of the IT equipment. All IT exhaust heat is contained and returned to the facility's CRAC units. Data Aire Unity Cooling Systems, easily attach to any rack enclosure, and is scalable to 30kW without disruption. They can then communicate with existing monitoring software for real-time cooling capacity assessment and management. Data Aire Unity Cooling eliminates the need for supplemental cooling, allows fewer cooling units, and keeps water or glycol loops at the perimeter of the facility.
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