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NG “Exchange”
NG “Exchange” is a full line of extremely high design, technology, and quality value products. These sophisticated devices improve even more the security level of all connected loads through “smart” distribution of the power supply – in the event of line problems, the device immediately switches to another energy source.

The outstanding security levels provided by PowerServer UPSs can be further increased through the use of the NG Exchange static switches, able to ensure “instant switching”. If the load supply line exceeds acceptable values, Exchange will instantly switch the load to an alternative line.  Therefore, these products are designed to solve the problems caused by overloads, short circuits, direct or indirect contacts, and other faults which may occur downstream of the UPS.  No matter what happens, a backup line is always available for total load security.


In addition to performance and reliability, exhaustively discussed in the paragraphs above, Exchange static switches are highly flexible. Users can set the operating modes according to their immediate needs, achieving even higher performance levels thanks to the ability to adjust to any situation. In addition to automatic switching to the backup line, in the event of problems Exchange also ensures “manual” switching by the user at any desired time. Moreover, if a primary line is selected, Exchange will immediately switch back to the primary line as soon as normal values and parameters are restored. Flexibility also characterizes transfer parameter setting; voltage and frequency tolerance; switching times (in asynchronous operation).


UPSs and static switches control power, but who makes sure that they perform properly? Through the use of ultra sophisticated computer communication technologies, NGBPS offers users the option to have constant control, thanks to highly advanced systems like Optical Communication System V.3.1 based on fiber optic technology, or to ignore the problem and let Teleglobal Service monitor the situation. Teleglobal Service is the remote diagnostics system adopted for UPS units Supplied and installed by NGBPS. Additionally, users can also use multiple monitoring and diagnostic levels, calibrated according to the system’s complexity and specific requirements.


As with all NGBPS products, Exchange switches feature excellent performance in any condition. Firstly, users can rely on these devices’ ability to withstand overloads or short circuits, ensuring further protection of the downstream load. Additionally, standard features include:

One serial port and one free-contact port
Synoptic panel and LCD display
Bypass selectors for maintenance

Transfer time is generally less than 2 ms, but in any case never more than 5 ms even in extreme conditions.  Obviously, it is ensured that the two sources are never in parallel at the time of transfer (break before make). Transfer specifications and tolerances are selectable, and Priority Mode operation also enables the selection of a preferred source. In a word, the widest possible range of customized benefits for the user.
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