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At NGBPS, we have a strong belief that to better serve our customers we must offer best of breed products and solutions. With this in mind, we always set out to partner with industry leaders. These strong partnerships allow us to provide our customers with the fastest and best solutions available today.

KS Techniques S.A. Belgium

KST is a world leader in Manufacturing Power Quality products and solution – Dynamic / Rotary UPS systems, Frequency Converters, Harmonic Filters, etc. It also leads the industry for Electronic and Lighting and Innovative Process Engineering and Solutions.

Power Server, Italy

PowerSever is the European Major and world leader in manufacturing Static UPS systems of the True Online Double Conversion, VFI Class. The product range is the broadest in the Industry with Individual systems starting at 1 kVA – 1000 kVA. The products are the most advanced technically.

SIEL, Italy

SIEL is the world leader in Power Electronics and Photovoltaic Product and solutions manufacturing.

Universal Electric Corporation, USA

UEC offers flexible power solutions that will fit any business’ needs. The Starline Track Busway offers a broad selection of product, ranging from 40 amp to 400 amp busway, that will meet all of your electrical power distribution needs including commercial, mission critical and light industrial applications.

DataAire Inc, USA

The innovator in total environmental control
for critical applications, http://www.dataaire.com/images/spacer.gifData Aire worked closely with IBM engineers to design the first down flow unit to discharge under the computer room floor, thus innovating the best suited Precision Air-conditioning system for Computer rooms. It also holds the patent for the first and technically most advanced control and monitoring systems and solutions.

TTK, France

Is the world leader in manufacturing Digital Liquid Leak Detection Systems, based on a range of Digital Sensing Cables, digital Units and accessories.

Allot Communications Inc, USA

Allot Communications is a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenue generation solutions for fixed and mobile service providers and high-end enterprise.  Allot’s rich portfolio of solutions transforms broadband pipes into smart networks that can rapidly and efficiently deploy value added Internet services for both the network and the subscriber.

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