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NGDC-55 High Volume Floor Tiles  
Remember the days without the Internet? That’s when your perforated tiles were designed!

However with Today’s heat load, your perforated tiles that were designed 25 years ago are just not enough for today’s high density equipment. The NGDC-55 High Volume Air Grate is a 600mm x 600mm, cast aluminium floor grate with a minimum open area of 55% that delivers more than twice the CFM of the average perforated floor tiles.

That means it provides enough airflow to properly cool your high density server racks. The NGDC-55 tile can be the solution to your hot-spot problems by allowing air to flow high enough to cool those servers that are positioned close to the top of your server cabinets. In side by side tests, the NGDC-55 has proven higher air-flow than any other high volume grate available.

The NGDC-55 has a factory applied, high durability, light grey powder coat finish to prevent corrosion and this heavy-duty perforated panel can withstand a point load of 4.5 KN (1000 lb per square inch) and a uniform distributed load of over 13.5KN (PSB test results available on request)
The NGDC-55 is also available with a louvered damper so you can adjust the volume of air needed for your particular application and equipment load. The louvered damper is adjustable from the top so you so not have to remove the tile to make those critical adjustments. The NGDC- 55 damper assembly has a very small profile so the underfloor laminar air-flow is not affected. The DC55 is absolutely Maintenance Free and has an average life of 15~20 Years!
Part No. Without Dampers - NG-DC55-HV-WD
Part No. With Dampers - NG-DC55-HV-D

NGBPS LIMITED, the leader in Data Center solutions & services now offers this new high volume tile in it’s arsenal of cooling solutions for your Data Center. Call your NGBPS representative to come in and give you a demonstration of this state-of-art new tile. We will take airflow measurements right before your eyes so you can see the vast difference between your old outdated tile and this latest in cooling technology.

PSB Testing & Reports

PSB Testing & Report – Testing by TUV/PSB Singapore to CISCA Standards
Concentrated Load Test 6,500N/1500Ib
Safety Factor 2.5X
Rolling Load 10,000 Passes @3,500N Deflection >0.3mm

NGDC-55 High Volume Tile

Parameters m³ / hr
No Tile 3308
NGDC-55 3042
NGDC-55 with Damper (Open) 2820
Aluminium Grill (UK) 2929
48% Steel 2443
1/2 Tile Aluminium Grill 1523
22% Standard Tile 1400
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