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Power Server NGSTS
The NG – STS (Static Transfer Switch) Offers uninterrupted automatic / Manual Transfer of One or more electric load form one power source to another power source.

It is available in 3 KVA and 6 KVA rating with single pole or dual pole configuration.

NG-STS is comprising of semiconductor switches which ensures break before make transfer. Hence ensure total isolation of one power source from other.

These switch are Hot swappobable, Static switch operating mode can be set automatically or manually, with or without preferred line, in synchronous or asynchronous operation.
The system is an effective solution for the following:
a) Complete separation of two electrical sources and of the connected load.
b) Redundancy in an existing setup.
c) Separation of consumers to avoid any mutual disturbance. (Due to different voltage tolerance)

The Switch is housed in 2U – 19’’ rack cabinet and has user selectable parameters with a built in microprocessor.
The Single line diagram of static transfer switch is as follows:
The equipment consists of the following units: Protection fuses of static switches line A and line B, F1 and F2 respectively Static switches Line A and Line B , SCR1 and SCR2 respectively Rotary switch S1
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