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Keeping Data Centers Simply Cool  
PlenaForM® is a flexible, snap together, air flow baffle system which helps to solve dynamic thermal imbalances in data centers.

PLENAFORM® baffles are scored both vertically and horizontally so sections can be removed or added onto to meet any height or width requirement. All angles of bend radius may be attained, including inside and outside mounting to raised floor pedestals.
Continuous punch out hole pattern allows attachment to any style raised floor pedestal at any height or width location with cable ties.
PLENAFORM® baffles are die cut from a flame retardant polypropylene compound that is inert, non-conductive, and non-hygroscopic with a UL-VO 94 rating.

Easy to Install - Right Out of the Box!

Control and Balance Data Center Airflow
Separate Hot Aisles from Cold Aisles
No Installation Tools Required
On-Site Configurable (Width and Height)
Fits ANY Raised Floor Pedestal
Reduces Energy Consumption and Operating Costs
An Inert, Non-Conductive and Non-Hygroscopic Material
Flammability rating of UL V- 0 per UL94
RoHS and WEEE Compliant
An Energy Saving and Thermal Tuning Tool

PLENAFORM® Baffle System has many other uses:
Seal off below tape auto loaders to stop tape reader condensation.
Seal off under PDU's.
Stop air loss under server racks.
Create dedicated return air paths above ceilings.
Create CRAC extension intake heads.
Install inside servers racks to stop lateral heat transfer.

Creating dedicated “hot and cold aisles” or “rack and row” data center equipment placement configurations with the PlenaForm® baffle System increases the static pressure delivering a higher volume of cooling through perforated tiles and at a further distance from the CRAC units. The Venturi effect is attained and air pressure is increased in the dedicated cold aisles. By installing PlenaForm® baffles, air flow distribution may be directed more efficiently from the CRAC units for maximum equipment air cooling or air blocking requirements in a data center raised floor plenum space.

Installing the PlenaForm® baffle system to direct air flow from the “source of the air” plenum level, a data center manager can better achieve a thermally tuned data center. Integrating PlenaForm Systems into the data center design also helps to mitigate thermally associated risk to equipment hardware.

The key word here is high density computing and PlenaForm® Systems helps to solve thermal imbalances in your data center environment simply and inexpensively!

photograph above is indicative of an ideal hot aisle without any perforated air flow tiles. Hot aisles should be hot and cold aisles should be cold. Tip: Extend your high air flow grates (such as the Infinity grate) one tile beyond the length of each cold aisle equipment row as vertical air flow is the best air flow diverter to prevent bypass airflow especially for high heat generating equipment.
PlenaForm baffles can also be installed in the ceiling plenum. Create dedicated return air paths in the ceiling plenum for more efficient heat return from the hot aisles to the CRAC unit intake heads. You can even make CRAC extension intake heads with PlenaForm baffles attached to a drop ceiling with removable clips.
Easily cool a hot spot by routing air from the CRAC.
Data center raised floors were initially developed to help to handle chiller lines, power feeds and most importantly the updraft required by mainframe equipment. Equipment needs, power and cooling requirements have changed significantly in data centers over the past 20 years since servers, storage and communication equipment started to occupy what was formerly occupied by mainframes and DASD equipment. The original intent of the raised floor to cool the mainframe environment has since become a raceway for cabling runways, copper, fiber and power distribution in addition to the air flow. Today's high density server farms, which are increasingly efficient heaters are requiring more power and cooling than ever before. The data center evolution of an all air cooled environment has become a real challenge for facility managers to deal with these heat related issues, cooling inefficiencies and increased server densities. The challenge facility managers face is how to get the air that is beneath a raised the floor through the perforated tiles and into the front intakes of rack mounted vertically integrated server housings that are producing the heat.
Partitioning off perimeter corridors means more concentrated cold air is dedicated for the equipment areas. Do more with less. Seal off unused space that does not require cold pressurized air flow. So you want a true hot aisle/cold aisle? Not a problem with PLENAFORM. Decide where you want the air to flow, snap the panels together at the desired height for the under floor space, drop them in, and attach them to the pedestals.
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