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NGBPS is the exclusive partner of Data Aire Inc, which is the leading provider of Precision Air-conditioning in the world. Data Aire worked closely with IBM engineers to design the first down flow unit to discharge under the computer room floor, thus innovating the best suited Precision Air-conditioning system for Computer rooms.
From 2 to 50 ton capacities, Data Aire floor mounted air processors provide programmable control of temperature, humidity and particulates. Quality construction, and thorough testing before shipment, means long reliable service.
Many customisation options are available.
Floor Mounted
DX dual circuit CRAC units provide the latest technology available in mission critical cooling today. To start these units use backward curved plenum fans, also referred to as plug fans. These fans have the motor and fan combined into one unit, eliminating belts, pulleys and external bearings and shafts, all of which require periodic maintenance. To increase the efficiency of the unit Data Aire has added rifled tubing in the cooling coils to ensure the most complete and efficient heat transfer. These units are available in R-410A or R-407C to be the environmentally responsible
Ceiling Mounted
When floor space is at a minimum but larger amounts of cooling are required, the LCSTM design fits the need. DX units have either single or dual circuits. Air cooled units have either remote outdoor condensers or condensing units. Units are shipped with the Mini Data Alarm Processor-II, a microprocessor.
High Heat Density Solutions
With higher density equipment now being deployed, good air management is essetional for efficient data center operation. One of the basics of air management is separation of hot and cold air in the data center
A wide range of outdoor condensers are available. Condensers are manufactured by Data Aire and sized to meet the heat rejection and ambient conditions as required.The belt driven variable pitch drive provides adjustable air flow. The motor has internal overload protection and is mounted on an adjustable slide base. Indoor condensers are provided with a factory mounted and piped receiver, complete with a head pressure control valve to maintain head pressure under varying ambient conditions down to -30° F.
System Controls
The DAP III is a self contained multi-microprocessor based control and monitor system. It is designed with flash memory and a USB port allowing quick updates or modifications to firmware
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