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Power Management Software:  
Get a real-time notification regarding your UPS systems and you’ll have all the control in your hands! NGBPS LTD offers you an advanced solution for management of your power equipment
via various communications and protocols simultaneously.
Smart offices have proved themselves very weak in handling power crisis. If you demand a superior protection to secure your valuable documents and applications against power crisis situation, POWER SERVER provides you the iron clad program you can trust. With easy to use features, our software performs excellent power management for most available platforms for stand alone PCs to large networks.
Most of the environments use the UPS for protection from power failure and data loss. But that is not secure enough, simply because the UPS can only provide limited battery output and normal power output when abnormal situations occur, someone has to shutdown the file server, or there would be possibility of abnormal power down and crashing of the operating system.
Our intelligent power monitoring software, detects the status of UPS through the communication port. As soon as power failure occurs, the software senses the status and immediately broadcasts warning messages to users. When internal timer countdown nears to zero, software closes the entire opened file, shuts down the network and turns off UPS power switch. It is automatically deactivated if mains power is restored before shutdown is complete. The automatic shutdown extends the life of your hardware devices. During the timer count down period, if the software goes into battery low status, software will notify the users and shutdown the systems in a minute (default).  
Salient Features of the UPS software:  
 Automatic shutdown
 User notification of power events
 UPS power events log.    
 Automatic reboot
 Broadcast power abnormal status
 Smart save file
 Scheduled system shutdown/reboot
 UPS Battery low warning
 Real-time graphical display / Battery level display / Power quality data log. / Printing
 power events list / Graphic display by meter
 Support Windows NT Service and start UPS monitoring software before user log in under
 Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME.
 Remote monitoring and control of other connected in the network system as well as other station in the network through     Internet.
 Supporting internet connection to enable message, event broadcasting, and multi terminal shutdown.
 Support SNMP PROTOCOL and enable remote monitoring.
 Support RS232 EXTENTION function, links to other terminal with different platform through RS232 port and enable Multi-server     shutdown.
 Allow workstation to share other UPS’s power, and monitor power status through internet. In the event of black out and start to     countdown process, it will automatically shutdown and save the files.
 Can monitor 30 UPS at the same time, it can monitor 4 UPS by using one RS232 port
 Provide users with message broadcast and event broadcast.
 Allow messages to send to multiple users through E-mail.
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