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Remote Network Monitoring and Management
Remote Server Monitoring and Management

  TREND     NEED  
NGBPS Enterprises loose $ 2 billion every year due to system and network outages. (IDC) NGBPS Access to world class Technologies, tools, skillsets and processes
NGBPS 32% of the CIO’s Budget is spent on Infrastructure operations and management. (Gartner) NGBPS Mitigate capital expenditure?
NGBPS Tightening IT budgets NGBPS Get internal resources to concentrate on core competencies
NGBPS Decreased downtime tolerance and dependence on 24/7 operations. NGBPS Round the clock access to established skillsets and expertise of trained professionals.
NGBPS Complex tools & systems, rising manpower attrition, Technology obsolesce and increased cost of ownership NGBPS A single window solution covering the Network, Systems & Applications in a 24/7 environment with robust escalation procedures and low cost of ownership.

infrastructure Management

Today, business delivers products and services over enormously complex IT infrastructure. As a result there is an increased demand for infrastructure management solutions that assure high level of service and availability. Management of applications, System, and Networks—including fault, availability and performance management are only components of a larger challenge. Competing is no longer just 9 to 5 - you need to keep your business running 24/7 to survive. Customers, employees, and suppliers all rely on your systems - making performance and uptime critical. Protecting your network has become a constant concern, as any downtime affects your bottom line. Today's shortage of talented technical staff and high training costs pose a challenge for your business. Without an around-the-clock managed solution, you could be vulnerable to prolonged service outages
If this wasn't hard enough, there's constant pressure to minimize capital and operational expenditure and maximize returns on investment.

NGBPS’s IT Services is the solution  
Effective Infrastructure Monitoring and Management is becoming a key differentiator in determining whether an enterprise can effectively leverage their technology infrastructure toward generating business revenues. We understand that how crucial performance and availability are to any enterprise with mission-critical online applications, and deploy a variety of tools to provide Advanced Monitoring Services to customers. Our Advanced Monitoring Services provide our customers with Failure and Pre-failure Notification, Threshold Alarms, and Statistical Trend-analyses.
We use world-class systems and tools to ensure a high-performance, reliable Advanced Monitoring services, including Concord’s eHealth Suite, and various standardized SNMP tools such as the Solarwinds tool set, MRTG, etc.

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