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NGBPS is the exclusive partner of Data Aire Inc, which is the leading provider of Precision Air-conditioning in the world. Data Aire worked closely with IBM engineers to design the first down flow unit to discharge under the computer room floor, thus innovating the best suited Precision Air-conditioning system for Computer rooms.
A wide range of system controls are available to precisely monitor one or more air processing units. These easily programmed controls provide maximum flexibility in defining total system operation. Alarms and detailed reports can be remotely received.
System Controls  
Data Alarm Processor III (DAP III)

The DAP III is a self contained multi-microprocessor based control and monitor system. It is designed with flash memory and a USB port allowing quick updates or modifications to firmware. DAP III was developed on a modular design concept with the basic components being the Display Module and Control Module. The Display Module has two rows of 80 character liquid crystal display for easy programming and diagnostic. It houses the optional communications card, allowing any DAP III to communicate with most major building management systems (BMS). The Control Module is unit mounted and the two are connected using a CAT-5 shielded cable. These two Modules comprise the most basic control system, the Mini DAP III, which is an option on all of our ceiling mounted systems. Floor units also use the Display and Control Module but require the Control Expansion Module to provide additional the control and monitor functionality. These three Modules comprise a full blown DAP III and are standard on all floor units.. When additional input, outputs or control logic is required Analog and Relay Modules can be added. These can be field installed.
Mini Data Alarm Processor - II

The Mini Data Alarm Processor-II is a wall mounted, one row, 16 character control not only monitors the controlled environment's humidity, air flow, and cleanliness, but also provides alarm history and an automatic self-test of the microprocessor on system start-up. Multiple messages are displayed by scrolling from each message to the next. All messages are presented in a clear vernacular format on the liquid crystal display (LCD). Multiple alarms are displayed sequentially in order of occurrence. In addition, the Mini Data Alarm Processor-II has an inclusive seven day programming format for unoccupied or low demand periods. This secondary schedule can minimize equipment runtimes, reducing energy consumption and provide cost savings.
DARA-4 (Data Aire Relay Autochangeover)
The Data Aire Relay Autochangeover (DARA-4) ensures that all units in an operation wear at an equal rate with a variety of options. The controller has the capability of rotating 2, 3, or 4 units, and rotation can be set to 4, 8, 12, or 24 hours, or 7, 14, or 30 days. You can also choose not to rotate units if desired.
Data Alarm Processor-II (DAP-II)

The Data Alarm Processor-II (DAP-II) is the earlier version of the now standard Data Alarm Processor III and was included on all floor mounted units for more than ten years prior to the introduction of the DAP III in late 2008. It was also an option for ceiling mounted units during the same period of time.
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