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Introduction :  
Power Plus Batteries is a large producer of modern technology,valve regulated(sealed) batteries.In its new battery manufacturing facility it has been able to draw on a wealth of international experience and knowledge to produce a high quality,reliable lead acid battery.The continuing installation of the most modern production equipment in the world makes continuous product improvement possible.
A partial list of products applications includes :
bulletUninterruptible Power Supplies
bulletCommunications Equipment
bulletEmergency Alarms And Security     Systems
bulletTelecommunications Systems
bulletToys and Hobbles
bulletSolar Powered Systems
bulletEmergency Lighting Systems
bulletCable Television
bulletPower Tools
bulletRechargeable Electronic Equipment
bulletMedical Equipment
bulletRechargeable Lanterns

Valve Regular(Sealed)Construction-
The Power Plus valve regulated AGM rechargeablelead acid battery allow safe,trouble free operation in any position.There is never any requirement to top up electrolyte because over 99% of all gases generated in normal operation are recombined inside the battery.

Immobilized Electrolite-
Due to the type of construction the batteries can be shipped by sea,road,air without special handling and packaging precautions.
Note :Terminals should be protected from the possibility of short circuit of all times.

Low Self Discharge-
Becauseof the use lead calcium grids batteries can be stored for long periods of time without recharge.

Cycle or Stand-By Service-
Batteries are suitable for either cyding or standby service.

Tough Construction-
Power Plus batteries utilize tough,high impact resistant and non-conductive ABS plastic for cases and lids.

Compact Design-
Power Plus batteries utilize the best possible raw materials to build a high energy density battery.The international design team has a policy of continuous product improvement.
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