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The objective of NGBPS LTD's UPS systems is to provide a 100% solution to your needs in Data and Systems protection.
Let us explain in a little more detail.
The Customer's viewpoint is the only viewpoint
Twelve years of dialogue with our customers have accumulated a vast reserve of systems knowledge of different businesses. An in depth analysis of the pitfalls resulting from power problems has enabled us to provide intelligent solutions to overcome them. These solutions not only protect your hardware and software investment, but, more importantly, the vital data that keeps your operation running. Whatever may happen!
In order to be successful in our business, we have to keep abreast of the latest developments and ahead of the competition. It is our objective to share our knowledge with you. As a result you need to invest that much less effort in keeping yourself informed.
All Components of your system should contribute to security
If your business depends on your computer system, none of the ingenious protective measures of hardware and software manufacturers will stop the entire business grinding to a costly halt in the case of a power failure.We therefore strongly advocate a three-way security. The safety features of Hardware and software should be complemented by ensuring an uninterrupted power supply, and we can do precisely that. We even have sophisticated solutions for a controlled shutdown of the entire computer system in the case of escalating trouble or prolonged power disturbances.
Right Next Door
NGBPS LTD's presence throughout the nation reflects the Company's philosophy: "be where your customers are"
NGBPS's branch offices as well as the resident engineers are your local partners. Because the idea of UPSs is to minimize downtime, every branch has its own maintenance and service facilities.
Thus help is never far away, should something go wrong. The entire NGBPS network meets the highest product knowledge and consultative standards.
Support to meet the toughest requirements
We acknowledge the trust that our customers place in us. That is why we go to great lengths to provide support that is second to none.
NGBPS LTD offers you a wider system; more advanced integration, higher product and support quality and better built-in intelligence than most other vendors. Additionally, system uptime is assured by versatile, customizable service products. Part of the support programme is the network's ability to see where and what type of protection is needed.
Reliability comes from a solid technological background
We believe that a manufacturer's success depends on its ability to keep its promises. That is why NGBPS LTD has implemented a comprehensive quality system, encompassing all aspects of the operation from product planning through marketing and administration. The system carries the ISO 9001 certificate. The latest developments in electronics are immediately applied to the UPS sytems. You never have to rely on compromises.
Our Responsibility does not end with your payment
The first step towards user-friendliness is that all NGBPS UPSs are easy to use. Documentation is comprehensive and easy to understand.
Unlike many manufacturers, we have spent years building up our customer support organization, with the aim of making it a major competitive advantage. At NGBPS, maintenance is included in the ISO 9001 certificate quality programme.
UPS Software eases your burden
Our intelligent power monitoring software, detects the status of UPS through the communication port. As soon as power failure occurs, the software senses the status and immediately broadcasts warning messages to users. When internal timer countdown nears to zero, software closes the entire opened file, shuts down the network and turns off UPS power switch. It is automatically deactivated if mains power is restored before shutdown is complete. The automatic shutdown extends the life of your hardware devices. During the timer count down period, if the software goes into battery low status, software will notify the users and shutdown the systems in a minute (default).
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